Thursday, 8 April 2010

Digital Economy Bill

Basing it on launch days OF such major media....

Make a fortune in the launches and events in various ways and eventually it all seeps onto the Internet and somehow it can encourage some like minded individuals to be creative and even spawn a FAN base to keeping the spirit of such media still breathing dispite and spawning new life into the media .

For example....

Remaking Fave Moments in other Forms of New Media
Film Moments and Trailors in their Fav Games
Reliving old cartoon series in new Media
Kill Bills Vol 1 and 2 in one Minute
Pulp Puppets

Make transferring various parts of the media such as video, graphics, and or sounds, people have managed to replicated media or gave it new life again. And probably sparked people to rewatch or listen to their fave momenet in some media again.

I admit I have seen a copied star wars video VHS that was totally re dubbed with other people's voices in stead of the characters and I enjoyed seeing the different angle view of the original film. Yet I have no clu who made it, and youtube was created back then.

The Public Make Celebrities out them Selves
The Annoying Orange
Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

Annoying Orange and AVGN rips sounds and graphics from various forms of media, to make new inspirational content and both turned stars online for their various works too. So they had to copy it in some way just to transfer it to their new content project.

A Friend in Need with little Cash...
As for the people who don't wish to make anything other than just share with their friends (Please note such people are not in it for the money, just only helping a friend in need).

You CANNOT Squeeze money out of ROCK!!

Look out for the ones that ARE trying to make money such as the ones that mass buy BLANK cds and print endless cd covers, to sell in various parts of town by some one who does not speak english or the native language of that country.
Eli Roth Even mentions of such cases being sold for £1 on the street

Save Space and Annoyance of Clutter
I ENJOY GOING to the cinema and still do. Yet when the media turns to medium for everyone to buy, I resist the media adverts as much as I can till it turns cheaper.

I paid for "Inglorious Basterds" for £8 and yet if I waited longer I could of bought it for £5. Yet I couldn't wait any longer. I also buy old films from 2nd shops even cheaper...

I save space in my flat by ripping my DVDs to my hard drive AND I never open that DVD again unless my copy turns corrupt. Please note that I am not making money out of them.

Please media lobbyists, encourage digital more not close it. I don't have to keep buying these silly mediums that still clutter my flat, yet I have saved Annoyance by storing all my films on to the harddrive. Be quicker if I was able to download it from somewhere and be happy knowing that i COULD download it again without having to RIP my DVDs over and over heh.

My final Thoughts
Media should be a one off buy. Not buy on this medium, buy it on that medium, buy on that other new medium that seems faulty....

Make movies cheap to buy online and never have to pay for again (Follow model. And then that media should encourage to inpsire to do whatever they wish with it... Look at their work and credit for such impression that was born from other media. Mingle with Fans and possibly recruit them.

GREED seems to run this world and it has come to an unhealthy state that the Financial Enconmy crashed in the US. Too much of anything is bad for our health... Including greed. The ones that make the most money are meant to be the ones that us all PEOPLE love their work, ie Pixar, Valve, and Google. In my belief, I feel they make their work because they are always inspired to doing something new and to support people's beliefs.

Wouldn't it be nice to hear your legal digital copy of some film, just got upgraded to HD quality for free? Wishful thinking on my part yet I hope it may influence people to deal with piracy more wisely.

I am pondering how this Ubuntu One music store will do...

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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Gary McKinnon : Leave him in the UK

Seriously, leave the man in UK.

The damage in exposing Nasa and Pentagon security flaws.

Obviously it may have cost the US a lot of funding for upgrading their so called tight security. Has Nasa and Pentagon fallen for his hacking? For a socttish man to act like a millatary terriost in the UK is just overwelheming in my head.

Seriously leave him be, he will be a watched man ever since the incident for sure. From hearing from his Mum's cry, have the trial in the UK for crying out loud, he is suffering from servre depression.

... Taking one man to the US away from his family who support him...If convicted will never be able to see his family for ages!?...

An inhuman thing to do in my opinion

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Thursday, 22 October 2009


I hate to say it...

I don't like them and I am glad I am not the only one.

Yet I must admit, I wish the protesters didn't over do that. They could of broken their legs or something on the gates.

My Thoughts
Just too much dirt on them. It was their fault for letting their Party to look like that in the first place.

Mind you there is a lot political dirt out there :/

I do like seeing variety in countries, also I feel proud of the countries that help give people chances to renew their lives from trouble countries... The more variety all over the world the better I say.


Yet I wish those Extremists in our country stop doing bizarre bombings!!! Share your views on a WIKI and debate, not blow people up!!! I'm pointing my finger (well some one's finger) at all them extremists. You Extremists slow the world down :[

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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Capitalism : A Love Story

I cannot wait to see this film when it comes into the cinema.

Capitalism : A Love Story

Saturday, 19 September 2009

NHS : Find ways to save £20bn

I was told this by an anonymous person who has a wife that works for the NHS.
This quote will be anonymous quoted until they wish to be named and or credited....

"The care services is a small building.
The office services is a huge building.

The UK government wants to see a rise in employment figures, hence the huge amount office services.

The NHS needs to cut on office services and improve efficiency in those office buildings and bring back more care services."

My thoughts
I'd be happy to help in the IT department to help improve those, if they give me a chance.

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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

UK Government - 2nd homes

A late entry in my political journal...

I am appalled at all parties in the UK with their 2nd home system and the way they abuse the trust of the people of the UK.

Well done to the ex SAS officer for unveiling and shaming the bad.

I can't wait for the government to be more open.

Too much of anything is bad for us, absolute power corrupts.